An Italian graphic designer pays tribute to Eriksen


Salvatore Cosentino, 63 years old, customizes boots for players and fans from his workshop in Aosta in the northwestern tip of Italy and said he believes a custom pair dedicated to the Danish midfielder was the right thing to do. “It’s a dedication,” Cosentino told AFP. “I’m an Inter fan and it’s just something that affected everyone.

Eriksen fell to the ground suddenly during Denmark’s match against Finland at Euro 2020 on Saturday and received field CPR as his teammates and stunned fans look on. He was taken to hospital, where he was stabilized. The 29-year-old remains in hospital, but on Twitter on Tuesday he thanked his fanssaying he was “fine” but was still undergoing tests.

Cosentino – who has worked as a graphic designer for three decades and also customizes Harley Davidsons – has created custom airbrushed shoes for the latter two via a Milan-based company, Droma Sport, which also offers custom shin guards.

customers for shoes, which can cost a few hundred euros, have included Argentinian Alejandro Gomez and Belgian Romelu Lukaku. But most requests come from fans, who want to add their favorite team’s colors to the shoes, or sometimes something even more personal. “Requests are sometimes very strange, but I can not argue. If they want…” Cosentino said. “Sometimes there are dogs, children, girlfriends.”

On the right boot, the artist has added the red and white danish flag, with Eriksen’s name and national team number 10 on the side, abutting the curved Inter Milan logo. On the left, Cosentino went further by creating the head of a serpent with yellow slit eyes and exposed fangs – a nod to Inter’s traditional snake symbol and the serpent’s healing power through its venom.

This choice was a “good omen” for a footballer, Cosentino said, “but especially for the man”.


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