‘Bagarre’ — A call for creativity and team spirit


Jao M’Changama, director and VFX supervisor on the project, tells us more about this experience:

“As a visual effects supervisor, I manage and embrace storytelling from various directors. vision of the DOP and to bring to the screen incredible details that make each film unique. Lockdown has brought us introspection, and introspection has brought the undeniable need for creativity and freedom. Fight is the synthesis of everything I’ve learned over the years working with some of the greatest action film directors, such as John McTiernan, Nicolas Winding Refn, the traktors and shaping their images. This time I worked on one of my projects.

The short film tells the story of a commando led by 20syl who infiltrates a house in the suburbs of Paris to apprehend its occupant with strange powers, inevitably leading to a fight. The result is a universe that is both current and visually original, playing with the possibilities of the image as 20syl plays with sound textures. The script, the choreography of the fights, the creative direction… most of the project was conceived thanks to phone calls!

For visual effects and post-production, artists from Mikros MPC and MPC Bangalore have been involved in a wide range of work, ranging from flame to 2D and 3D animation, special effects, motion design, matte painting , compositing and more.

Jao explains how the Fight team worked with the studios: “With the co-directors Bounty Banana, we wrote the film taking into consideration what would be feasible or not constrained by our almost non-existent budget. It was essential to understand our own expectations in terms of quality. We are extremely grateful to all the artists who worked on this project. Thanks to their skills, their experience and above all, their dedication, we were able to collect numerous references to create a film with an unprecedented aesthetic based on the action films of our childhood. We built the look step by step to achieve
Fight as it is today. After the realization of the live shooting and the color grading, we started the VFX works from September 2020. From the beginning, the distribution of tasks was very precise because the initial VFX team was very small.

During the second period of confinement, while working in our studio in Paris, other artists wondered what this crazy team was doing who spent hours after hours working late and many qualified artists offered to help on the project. Make way for the studio in Bangalore, India! With the support of the local production team, the junior artists have been a tremendous help, working between their main projects and adapting to the constraints of geographical remoteness. The result was far beyond what we expected. The process was amazing, working on site, from home, over the phone, using remote work tools and WhatsApp. It was a long but wonderful creative journey. We are so proud!

The only limit was the imagination of the artists. To achieve this, Mikros MPC has made available its high-end infrastructure and expertise in VFX for advertising, music videos and experience.

“It was a real pleasure to contribute to Fight», Comments Fabrice Damolini, Managing Director of Mikros MPC. “This project was a breath of fresh air in the midst of a pandemic. It was a beautiful partnership between many artists working at Mikros MPC and MPC Bangalore, as well as independent artists and experts who have collaborated on previous projects. We have brought together the wide range of expertise representative of the talent of our Parisian studios. As part of the Mikros MPC management and leadership team, it was also a very rewarding project — supporting
Fight, we support the development of our talents. We are intrinsically a creative house where the creativity of our team is expressed on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to see him grow through personal projects.


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