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Students generate photorealistic images using a graphical programming tool

During the 3rd year computer graphics course, students are encouraged to program their own ray tracer in our dedicated browser-based computer graphics programming tool ( Ray tracing is an advanced computer graphics algorithm that helps generate photorealistic images.

For the last part of the course project, students can choose and implement their own special effects. Since this often leads to amazing results, we award prizes each year in two categories to the best submissions. In the “technical achievement” category, difficult effects like refraction, volumetric shadows and depth of field simulation are recognized. The “scene composition” category shows creative ways to create beautiful images that also tell a story.

Beautiful Scene Composition Award Winners

  • Cong Seen

    Cong Seen

  • Jacob Lin

    Jacob Lin

  • Xuan Zhao

    Xuan Zhao

Excellent Technical Achievement Award Winners

  • Andrei Florin Sburlan

    Andrei Florin Sburlan

  • Ignacio Bricchi

    Ignacio Bricchi

  • James Ball

    James Ball

Mr Ahmed Idle

Mr Ahmed Idle

Computer Science department

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