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The Oklahoma Sooners football team was welcomed to Atlanta, Georgia by a fleet of custom-designed buses for the 2019 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl/College Football Semifinal Playoffs. been provided by Champion Coach, based in Greenville, SC. Graphics produced and installed by Turbo Images. Artwork by Sarah M. Davis/Turbo/Studio. (Courtesy of Photo/Sarah Davis)

Customers entering a grocery store or Wal-Mart are greeted by shelves of colorfully patterned packaging and labels. These designs are created by graphic designers. Have you ever noticed a new display on the ear tips? It is the real estate of choice to attract the attention of buyers.

Our daughter, Sarah, is a graphic designer and art director for Turbo Studio, a Canadian company. Remarkably, as a permanent resident of Canada, she works more for companies in the United States than in Canada.

One of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s fleet trucks with graphics designed by Sarah Davis. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Davis)

Sarah attended three years of college in Hutchinson, Kansas, where she earned her degree in visual communications. She says, “Anyone can go to graphic design school and can learn all the basic rules and practices. However, if you don’t have the eye, the talent and the passion, it will be difficult to reach this level of expert. Design isn’t just about making things look pretty, there’s always a strategy behind it.

Each time Sarah gets a new client, she starts a project with a 30-minute design consultation. She listens carefully to what they are looking for and what their goals are. She believes that understanding people is key to doing a good job for them.

After the consultation, she organizes her notes and writes a roadmap for the project. She then gives the client a summary to make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything.

Her next step is to research the company she will work for and its competitors. She wants to give her clients a head start on their competitors.

She enjoys working for big companies with well-known brands. In 2008, she designed the graphics for the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group truck fleet. She is flattered that they are still using her designs 13 years later. His work has also appeared on Coca-Cola trucks.

Sarah knows that when designing graphics for trucks or buses, people passing them on the highway only have three seconds to grasp the main message, so keeping it simple is key. The composition of its design will draw their eyes to the main focal point and then lead them to other key areas. This is called “eye flow”.

Its purpose is not to give people the whole sales pitch. It’s like she’s waving a carrot in front of them. She hopes they will want to learn more about the company and visit their website.

Sarah enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and industries, but her passion has always been designing bus wraps for sports teams. A wrap is a printed vinyl that sticks all around the bus.

The owner of Champion Coach provides the team buses for the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, part of the college football playoffs. He always goes to Sarah for packaging designs. He told her and others looking for designers, “She’s the best in the business. I would never go with anyone else. Our bus bowls are the best on the market.

In 2020, Sarah won the Best of Canada’s Sign Industry (BOCSI) award. His first-place design for vehicle graphics appeared on a truck as a tribute to Los Angeles Lakers basketball superstar Koby Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven others killed in a helicopter crash.

Sarah’s goal is always to deliver a top quality product to her customer when they leave their office. She enjoys the challenge of working for large clients.

She says, “I feel really lucky because not many people can say they love what they do for a living. In my case, I love what I do and I’m passionate about it.

And his eye-catching graphic designs show it!


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