Giantstep creates the MCM M’ETAVERSE pop-up for the brand’s anniversary


Seoul, Korea — Creative tech company Giantstep recently created a mixed reality space celebrating the 45th anniversary of luxury leather goods brand MCM. Introducing MCM’s Cubic Monogram Collection, the mixed reality retail experience represents the brand’s journey from past to future, physical to digital, and construction to deconstruction.

Located on the third floor of MCM Haus in Cheongdam, Seoul, South Korea, the pop-up transports shoppers to a dynamic CG environment where they can experience MCM M’ETAVERSE in real time. Before stepping onto the virtual stage equipped with a conveyor belt, visitors can personalize their experience with a selection of “soundscapes” – each coming with its own unique animated environment. The experience also offers the ability to record their moment in the spotlight and share it on social media.

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Seeking to create a stronger connection with Millennials and Gen Z customers, MCM tapped Giantstep for its expertise in producing world-building content for the Metaverse by leveraging real-time engine technology. As a result, MCM M’ETAVERSE is already attracting attention as the first Korean-branded Metaverse experience featured in an offline store.

“To mark the 45th anniversary of MCM’s founding, I think it’s very meaningful to hold the first project in Seoul which symbolizes MCM’s journey and the Metaverse,” said Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Director of MCM.

“Giantstep is a company with proprietary real-time content technologies and XR Live solutions, and will continue to introduce real-time content to the market where you can enjoy various virtual experiences in real space,” said Jichul Lee. , Executive Creative Director at Giantstep. .


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