Givenchy’s new collaboration with graphic designer Chito


When Givenchy’s creative director, Matthew M. Williams, joined the house in the summer of 2020, he was determined to bring his flair for artistic innovation to his designs. That’s exactly what his latest collab did.

In partnership with graphic designer Chito, with whom he previously worked on the spring 2022 pre-collection, Williams has co-created a series of 15 unique graphic designs. The collection will feature the same bold prints used in the spring pre-collection, building on air painted characters and symbols. The difference is that these rare images will be NFTs.


One of the most popular rising trends in the online world, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), like the Givenchy x Chito designs, are unique digital coins that can be used by collectors as online avatars or PFPs (photos in profile). It can be anything from audio clips and videos to online game assets, which can be purchased with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Although anyone can see them, only one person will “own” the original – much like owning a Van Gogh poster, but not the original oil painting. Naturally, the fastest growing area for NFTs is in the art world, where these online images and files are quickly becoming exciting collectibles, raising the profile and value of digital artwork.

The fashion world is also increasingly embracing NFTs, realizing the importance of a digital landscape as well as the power it gives to creatives. For artists like Chito, the NFT movement allows them to work directly with their audiences – and on a truly global scale. In order to remain eco-responsible and to offset any carbon footprint or energy cost, Givenchy has also decided to launch the NFT collection on the Polygon network, known for its minimal energy consumption.

“I wanted to explore this exciting new space of NFTs,” says Williams. “Having Chito already active in the ecosystem made it even more natural for us to collaborate on this limited series and take our collective vision of Givenchy even further.”

The original set of artworks went on sale on November 23 and the auction will help support Givenchy’s long-term favorite foundation, cleaning up the ocean. Although this 15-piece series is a rare acquisition, Givenchy announced that it was only their first dip into the ever-expanding world of NFTs. Watch this place.

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