Graphic Artist Claims Marvel’s ‘Werewolf By Night’ Poster Copied His 6-Year-Old Design


The artist confirmed that he had taken “some legal steps in this case”.

With the recent release of “night werewolfon Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar, a graphic designer, who goes by the name Midi on Twitter, accused Marvel Studios of plagiarizing his artwork. Taking to Twitter on Friday, Midi (@midiankai) claimed that the Disney official and Marvel Studios”night werewolf“the poster copied designs from a cover he created years ago for”Born from pain“, a Dutch hardcore band.

“I may be crazy but did Marvel just rip me off? I made this art for born out of pain about 6 years ago,” the graphic designer wrote on social media while sharing a side-by-side comparison of Marvel”night werewolf“poster and own work created for the Dutch punk band”Born from pain“.

There are some differences between the Midi design (left) and the “Night Werewolf” displays (right), such as red-eye and level of detail. However, other features, including the shape of the teeth, nose, and tufts of hair around the face, are very similar.

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In the following tweet, Midi shared a close-up image of the Marvel poster and said, “As a vector artist, I can say that those rounded ends mean the art was auto traced and then edited.” He also confirmed that he had already taken “some legal steps in this matter”.

“My wife saw this thumbnail on the @AngryJoeShow video and said it was yours? I said ‘haha yeah’ and didn’t think about it, until I came across it again and that I recognize my own lines, and I even see how it was re-edited, weird shit,” Midi added.

As of now, neither Marvel Studios nor Disney have commented on the matter. However, this isn’t the first time Disney or Marvel have been accused of poster plagiarism.

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Back in 2021, “Hawk Eye“Artist David Aja has called out Marvel Studios for its history of not crediting or not properly compensating artists and creatives. Poster used for Disney+”Hawk Eyewas nearly identical to a design used in the Hawkeye comic book series by Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth.

Separately, according to The Hollywood Reporterin 2018, Disney was also accused of plagiarism for the “Star Wars” film “SoloHowever, he cited the use of an outside vendor and said they were “investigating”.


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