Hanging Gates: New Artwork by Notts Graphic Designer Amy Lee Young Opens at Butter + Sugar


Amy Lee Young is a Nottingham-based artist working primarily in digital illustration, screen printing and risography. Always in search of escapism and all things joyful, she creates works of art that encourage you to fall asleep and tempt you into recreational distraction.

Hanging gates in an exhibition of new works, exploring new mediums and expanding on the ideas and symbolism that have been central to his work over the past two years. Amy has moved away from print for these new works. She created large cut-out paper pieces and suspended acrylic mobiles in a bold palette of resplendent and uplifting neons.

The work focuses on color, form and light and features symbolism inspired by ancient magic and rituals, sound therapy and music, the sun, moon and the cosmos. Each room is a portal, a window or a door, created to lead us towards tranquility and peace. Guided by the brilliance of colors, the order and balance of each design and familiar patterns; Amy’s new work creates an environment filled with light and calm.

Amy moved to Nottingham over twenty years ago to study art, but only joined her creative path in recent years. Living and working in a small but bustling city that continues to have a brilliant DIY force in its creative scene has formed the perfect environment for his creative practice to flourish.

This is the third exhibition of local artists to be held at Butter + Sugar, following NADM’s first photography exhibition in 2021 and textile artist Rebekham Johnston’s collection of hand-sewn works earlier this year.

Created with the aim of highlighting the often invisible work of local designers, the Butter & Sugar gallery is located in their retail space on Sneinton Market Avenues. Boasting a curated selection of locally made and designed homewares and lifestyle products, Butter & Sugar is poised to establish itself in Nottingham’s retail landscape and was recently featured in the guide Nottingham Independents, Inc everyday.

Hanging Portals run from Saturday, May 14. Prints and postcards from the show will be available, and a limited hand-printed tote bag will be available in the coming weeks.



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