Infographic class creates the face of the year


WEST LIBERTY, W.Va., May 8, 2019 – One of West Liberty University’s classes in the College of Arts and Communication created a digital portrait of President Stephen Greiner as one of their final projects.

Digitized portrait of President Stephen Greiner, now on display in the Hall of Fine Arts, near the Nutting Gallery.

“This image was made by students in my advanced computer graphics class. It’s a year-end tradition where we create a portrait of a person we call the face of the year,” Moonjung explained. Kang, associate professor of graphic design.

“All of my students and I are so grateful for President Greiner’s support and hard work for West Liberty University, so they have chosen him as their 2019 Face of the Year.”

“I am extremely honored to be part of this class project and thank the students for even considering me for this work,” Greiner said.

Over the years, over 15 portraits have been made by students and include images of celebrities and leaders including: Audrey Hepburn, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara and more.

“This is quick and enjoyable work that the class is finishing after several weeks of hard work. Students need 16 pieces of images to complete a portrait, and students just randomly choose pieces from the original photo and work on them digitally, then we combine them for the final result.

Each of the squares measures 10 inches x 10 inches, so the result looks like a large quilt, reflecting many different digital designs. Kang scanned the original photograph provided by media relations, and then each student created patterns, grayscale, color, and texture while creating the final artistic image.

“On the last day, each student brings their pieces to class and we put them together. It’s exciting to see how the work is going.

Students working on Face Image of the Year this year include:

  • Mady Amitrone
  • Megan Belden
  • Savannah Belden
  • Zack Campbell
  • Danielle Eddie
  • Corrine Hackathorn
  • Regina Menhart
  • Danielle Merritt
  • Shayla Murray
  • Samantha Palmieri
  • Lucas razor
  • Samantha Snyder
  • Taylor Still Pepper
  • William Tallman

The visual communication program is just one of the majors offered at the College of Arts and Communication. For more information, please visit WLU’s Visual Arts webpage at or contact Professor Kang at [email protected]


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