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It’s summer, y’all. No more dreadful sweaters or plush coats, as higher temperatures call for midi dresses, ankle-strap sandals and ruffled skirts. And if you’re like me (a self-prescribed nail addict), you swap out apple reds and shimmery green polishes for summery looks. Cue the baby blue, soft pink and yellow manicures, please.

Of course, pastels aren’t the only summer nail trend. A pop of bright colors — think neon yellows and greens — works too, says famed New York-based nail artist Trenna Seney. “In the summer you can think outside the box and be bold, so go for bright colors, pastels or a pretty white,” she says. And if you want to be bolder, Seney recommends adding some gold glitter or a Frenchie on a few fingers. (My favorite design is pearls, but I would never say no to a French tip).

Meet our experts: Trenna Seney, New York-based nail artist; Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of Glosslab; Brittney Boyce, famous nail artist and founder of Nails of LA

Summer is all about experimentation, so if you want to jazz up your nail look, check out these eight nail trends. Trust me, you’ll run to the living room.

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Yes, summer is for colors, but this shade of gray is the exception. Neons still rule, but this subtle hue “lets summer fashion looks do the talking,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of Glosslab. With a glossy topcoat and a design or two, the mani is flashy enough to grab attention without overshadowing your cuts.

This trend spice things up a bit. Rather than using a single neon shade, it plays with different abstract patterns (think fruit, checkerboard squares, and flowers) using multiple bright, eye-catching hues.

Calling all artistic girls, this mani look is for you! Watercolor manicures are similar to ombre nails, except they feature multiple colors marbled together, says Seney. The end product is a beautiful gradient.

Tired of wearing French manicures with simple white tips? Combine this chic look with traditionally summery shades (honestly, any pop of color works). You can also get creative by simply painting each tip a different color. A nice and stylish look with a touch of warm weather.

Summer is all about creativity and a mixed graphic manicure is the epitome of the season. Instead of reusing the same graphic on each finger, paint it in different ways. This means the design could “cover the tips while some [graphics] cover the entire nail,” says Boyce.

You’d think chrome nails — which feature metallic, reflective polish — wouldn’t fit in with the excess of bright, flashy-colored summer trends, since it’s a bit darker. But this popular and versatile style works wonders. Seney applies a summery touch by using iridescent chrome colors, which can add a shimmering and colorful summery touch to the nails.

You can never go wrong with the classics. White polish is a must-have for summer, according to Glass, because it suits everyone. “[It enhances] that summer tan and pretty much matches any summer outfit you could think of,” she says. Plus, if you want to add some pizzazz to your white manicure, Seney recommends adding pearls or crystals for an elegant and luxurious look.

Y2K fashion isn’t the only 2000s aesthetic returning this season. According to Boyce, jelly spikes are back in full force. Jellies are semi-transparent nails that look like stained glass when bright colors like pink and blue are applied, she says. (It’s similar to jelly sandals but the nail version). Remember that a jelly look can only work on longer nails, so you can really see the jelly effect on the tip, while doing it on nails that don’t go over the bed of the nail. nail, it won’t have the same dramatic effect,” Boyce explains.

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