Los Angeles-based graphic designer slams 6ix9ine for bragging about his money


Los Angeles-based graphic designer ArtworkByRiko posted screenshots of a conversation turning down 6ix9ine and his offer to collaborate.

Popular Los Angeles-based graphic designer ArtworkByRiko has leaked screenshots of a conversation with rapper 6ix9ine where the latter appeared to be bragging about his money after turning down his offer to collaborate.

In the screenshots, 6ix9ine appears to have approached Riko himself saying, “Yo, I’m fucking with the covers, I need TAP IN for my next project.”

Riko then refuses 6ix9ine saying, “Na bru fuck off my page ion work with no rats.”

To that, 6ix9ine replies, “That rat has more MONEY than you Goofy.”

Riko’s statement could be a reference to the depiction of 6ix9ine in his albums, where he is depicted on a rat trap eating a piece of cheese. The artwork, which was designed by Alex Solis, was inspired by the idea that while everyone was trying to “trap” 6ix9ine, he got the “cheese.”

“The idea is that everyone calls him a rat or whatever,” solis said Complex in an interview. “Everyone was trying to trap him. But in reality, he ended up having the cheese.

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“People think it’s a dilemma, but it really isn’t. He’s the one who takes that and kisses those people who insult him. He’s the one who’s going to end up eating the cheese without getting trapped. That’s the overall message I feel like he was trying to get across. Solis added.

Not to be that nobody, but 6ix9ine recently claimed in court that he was “struggling to make ends meet” due to his involvement in a civil lawsuit over a robbery in 2018.

The rapper pleaded guilty to participating in an armed ambush against the plaintiffs with his members of the Trey Nine Bloods, mistakenly believing the latter were part of J. Princes’ Rap-A-Lot Records.

Shortly after pleading guilty to the incident as part of a settlement with the prosecution, 6ix9ine claimed that his career was suffering, resulting in financial losses.

“Right now I’m struggling to make ends meet,” he said. “I don’t know if I will ever command the kind of advances I received before my arrest, and my career has stalled.”

“I received large advances under artist and merchandising deals prior to my arrest,” he said. “However, I do not receive any royalties under these agreements either, as my royalty accounts are still not recovered.”

At the time, he also told the court that if he received a negative verdict, he could go “bankrupt”.

“If the Court grants the compensatory damages and punitive damages sought by the plaintiffs at this investigation, it will surely bankrupt me in a way that I will never recover from to the detriment and ongoing hardship of the members of family who are counting on me,” he said. mentioned.

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Check out ArtworkByRiko’s conversation with 6ix9ine:

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