Seiko 5 Sport limited edition reimagined by Japanese graphic artist Guccimaze


We often notice watch DESIGNS where no watchmakers shy away from offering their canvas watch faces to designers. The Japanese Seiko has had some bittersweet experience in exploring this area.

The watchmaker has collaborated with Japanese graphic designer Guccimaze to give two of its iconic models worth a makeover to art appreciators. The limited edition Seiko 5 sports watch pair, designed in collaboration with Guccimaze function dials and bevels designed by the iconic designer.


Guccimaze is a renowned Japanese graphic artist and designer, who is widely popular for is 3D graphics and use of vivid color schemes. This workmanship may seem subtle on Seiko watches, but it is exquisite in watchmaking.

In the collaboration with Seiko, the artist has reinvented two very popular models from the Japanese watchmaker. They are the referee. SBSA 135 and ref. SBSA 131. While the former features dual-tone, blue and gray bezel and black and gray dial, the latter is a unique color model featured in the silver hue.

Deconstructed and rebuilt

The highlight of the artistic models is the abstract representation of the Seiko logo – in which the designer has deconstructed and reconstructed the letters of the logo. Equally so exciting is the caseback of these Seiko 5 Sport, which feature “Seiko 5 S” ornate typographic on it.

These designer watches are limited edition and only 1500 units of the SBSA 135 will be available, while the SBSA 131 will be limited to just 300 pieces. The watches are water resistant to 100 meters and are available at Seiko for 52,800 JPY (around $480).


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