The graphic designs of Milton Glaser are well known. Its interiors are another story

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When famed graphic designer Milton Glaser passed away late last month, many raved about his various accomplishments. As the man behind the “I Heart NY” graphic, his contributions to the illustrated world were as rich as they were robust. But while obituaries extensively covered his lifetime achievements and other outlets, like this one, focused on an upcoming auction of his own collection, few included more than a cursory mention of his interior design orders.

However, as the New York Times noted, Glaser was responsible for the famed Rainbow Room at 30 Rockefeller Center, as well as a late 20th-century redesign of the former World Trade Center’s beloved Windows on the World restaurant. Glaser’s forays into the restaurant and food industries weren’t limited to glamorous watering holes, however. He created the World Trade Center food court, Big Kitchen, thanks to restaurateur Joe Baum, as well as the redesign of the Grand Union supermarkets after being approached by financier James Goldsmith.

Following Glaser’s passing, AD PRO contacted the Milton Glaser Studio seeking archival footage of his interior design creations. Below is what we received. It highlights Glaser’s Rainbow Room, as well as unexpected treasures from Windows on the World. (Turns out he also designed cheerfully patterned, Lichtenstein-style tableware.) There’s also New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) theater, as well as the Trattoria Dell’Arte restaurant in the city, located between 56th and 57th streets. When taken together, the images are another little New York love story and further evidence of Glaser’s legacy.

Inside Glaser’s Rainbow Room.

Photo: Courtesy of Milton Glaser Studio

Glaser also handled the graphic designs associated with the iconic New York spot.

Photo: Courtesy of Milton Glaser Studio

Inside the Trattoria Dell’Arte.

Photo: Courtesy of Milton Glaser Studio

Another peek inside Manhattan’s Italian restaurant.

Photo: Courtesy of Milton Glaser Studio

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