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Emily Kalina Graphic Artist (EKGA), a digital printing company featuring artwork by artist Emily Kalina, has launched its Baby Onesie and Leaves collections. With this announcement, EKGA is expanding its growing line of home décor products, accessories and apparel for people of all ages.

EKGA specializes in creating vibrant designs, intricate patterns and visual stories in a single image, all through the use of digital tablets and styluses. The company brings elements of pop culture, creating works that are alternately contemporary and classic. Previous designs have included lighthouses, coasts, cars, animals and flowers. With its new collections, EKGA bets even more on the serenity of plants and also offers playful and trendy clothes for babies.

“We are very happy to offer our Leaves collection to customers so that they too can enjoy the beauty of nature in their homes,” says EKGA. “We had a wonderful time decorating our napkins, placemats, oven mitts, tripod lamps and bins with rich greenery that can create a sense of tranquility in any kitchen or living room. We hope our Leaves collection will offer people an oasis to return to at the end of their busy days.

The Onesies collection, the company continues, was inspired by the artist’s love of children and fantasy. Playful designs include everything from majestic egrets, to heavy-duty polar bears, to sharp-clawed lobsters, and come in vibrant shades of blue, purple, pink and red.

“The first eighteen months of a child’s life are very special, and parents give a lot of attention and care when choosing clothes for their newborns,” says EKGA. “It’s brought us so much joy to create onesies whose designs will make any mom or dad smile.”

EKGA reveals that sales of its Italy collection, released in May, have been strong. Inspired by the thousands of photos the artist took while living in Florence and traveling across the country, products include phone cases, journals and best-selling items, canvas prints.

“We are delighted to be able to bring a touch of beautiful Italy to our customers so that they can enjoy this treasure as much as we do,” says EKGA. “The urge to explore the world is in all of us, and we pride ourselves on offering work that captures Italy’s unforgettable architecture and culture.”

EKGA states that as 2022 progresses, its artist will continue to create graphic art that pushes the boundaries of what the medium can do. “Check our website and Facebook page as often as you can,” the company recommends. “We are always posting new works that will surprise you with their level of detail, artistry and imagination.”

Emily Kalina Graphic Artist is a digital printing company that creates custom paintings and artwork as well as commissioned artwork. Founder Emily Kalina, who suffers from epilepsy, has developed a unique business model that allows her to create art when, where, and how she wants while providing flexible and affordable options to customers.

By showing budding artists that it’s possible to earn a living and fulfill their dreams at the same time, EKGA inspires the next generation of digital artists, arts businesses and collectives to turn their passion into thriving businesses.

Learn more about graphic designer Emily Kalina at Contact [email protected] or call 401-787-6036.


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