Theater performances around the world are back thanks to Projection Design

Dear Evan Hansen returns to Broadway and the West End

Dear Evan Hansen will also resume touring at the Noel Coward Theater in the West End on October 26, 2021, followed by its return to Broadway at the Music Box Theater on December 11, 2021. Provided by Stage Sound Services in the UK and World Stage in the US , a combination of gx1, vx4, 2×4 and 4×4 costume solos will power the show’s projections, highlighting the enormous impact of social media on daily life and creating an immersive onstage social media environment for the actors.

Every surface of the performance space will be covered in content with eight projectors and 32 monitors deployed. Display surfaces include a front projection system, a series of portals and tracking panels, flat screen LCD monitors and the stage floor. Each part is automated and can be tracked in real time. When the show was originally conceived in New York, the production team previewed the show’s design disguised as a Designer.

Learn more about Dear Evan Hansen in this case study.

ANNA X at Harold Pinter

London’s Harold Pinter Theater saw the debut of an “excitingly made” drama ANNA X in July 2021, with video and sound stealing the show according to reviews from critics.

Immersed in an addictive world of front row fashion shows, private views and endless parties, Anna and Ariel struggle to keep up with New York’s dazzling social elite. How far will two strangers go to build the identities they want? And at what price?

Golden Globe Award winner Emma Corrin (Netflix’s The Crown) and Royal Television Society 2019 breakthrough star Nabhaan Rizwan (Informer, BBC) make their West End debuts in this searing tale of self-invention, determination and deception. Inspired by real events, ANNA X is a new play by Joseph Charlton (Brilliant Jerks, VAULT Festival), directed by Daniel Raggett (The Human Voice, Gate Theatre).

As the Guardian notes: “The story itself is a standard romantic sting but combines drama and music with video projection techniques so sophisticated – and prodigious – that it looks like a revamped theatrical form or a mixture film, pop video and immersive ‘event’.

“The video projections transform at high speed the entire moving skyline of the city into hotel rooms and glass and steel elevators. Together with the graphics, it has an adrenaline effect while also mesmerizing us, as if we were caught in an electronic fever dream.

Two disguised solo media servers feed playback video from an Epson 15k projector and Agile Arc360 camera into a 5m x 3.5m ROE 3.9mm LED wall.

Reopening of Tina Worldwide – London August 5

The Tony Award-nominated hit musical Tina is a jukebox musical featuring the music of Tina Turner and depicting her life from humble beginnings in Nutbush, Tennessee, to her transformation into a rock star’ n roll. This musical, presented in association with Tina Turner herself, received its world premiere in April 2018 in London, where it opened to five-star reviews and broke box office records at the Aldwych Theatre. In March 2019, the German production opened at the Stage Operettenhaus in Hamburg, and the Dutch production opened at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht in February 2020 and the Lunt-Fontanne Theater on Broadway in November 2020.

After a year and a half of hiatus imposed by pandemic restrictions, Tina finally returned to the stage in Utrecht in a limited capacity in June 2021 and in London and Hamburg in August 2021, with Broadway planning to continue in October 2021. A third production European is also set to open at the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid, Spain in October 2021.

The show’s narrative takes place in a dreamlike space, as Tina reflects on her life and her journey to stardom. “It allowed us to really embrace this dreamscape in our video,” says projection designer Jeff Sugg. “Any time we try to create a place or show a place in any way, we use a lot of depth-of-field elements, which I’ve never done in theater and never I’ve seen it done before, frankly. A few elements of the image remain clear, but everything else fades into that depth of field as we tie them together with smoky transitions.

The show features an overhead array of six Panasonic RZ21k projectors with three disguised 2x4pro media servers feeding playback video into a 10m x 5m Infiled 7mm LED screen at the back of the stage. A live camera segment is also included during Tina’s concert at the end of the show so the audience can see close-up shots of the performer, much like an IMAG experience during a live concert.

Bob Marley’s New Musical ‘Get Up Stand Up’ Begins in the West End

Writer Lee Hall’s electrifying new production, Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley musical comes to life from October 2021 at the Lyric Theater in London, celebrating the story of the Jamaican global superstar. A euphoric company of performers fuse with top reggae musicians to carry this triumphant tale of passion, political turmoil and progress from Trenchtown to the West End.

Two disguise gx 2 media servers were chosen to power the video playback and notch graphics of two Panasonic RZ31k and four RZ21k projectors on a 1.2mm wireless LED display.

Frozen arrives at the Royal Drury Lane Theater in the West End on August 27


The highest-grossing animated film of all time, Disney’s Frozen, made its London West End debut at the Royal Drury Lane Theater following its huge success on Broadway. The award-winning FRAY Studio video design team were commissioned to deliver the theatrical world of snow, ice and Northern Lights production for the stage.


The team had devised a technique to make the set look like stone or wood under normal theater lighting, then magically turn to ice when a series of bespoke LED screens surface beneath the scene.


Six disguise gx 2 servers were used to provide stunning real-time Notch graphics for the show, designed by FRAY. The machines’ powerful graphics processing allowed the team to populate content blocks with additional detail, grading, and a level of polish they could tweak to perfection. “By using the gx 2, we didn’t have to limit the art of the show,” says Adam Young, co-founder of FRAY.


The weaving throughout the show, through the 12m x 9m LED backdrop, is one of the production’s most breathtaking effects – an ever-changing, hugely intricate and fully live rendering of the Northern Lights. Night after night, the Aurora is unique and never repeats because it is not on a loop. Rather, it’s generated live using the Notch graphics engine, meaning no audience will ever see the exact same show.


“The core strength of the ability and efficiency with which the disguise can deal with the huge group of instructions I give it at all times is amazing. the disguise can turn my words into lights on stage with efficiency,” says Peter Nigrini, Projection Designer for Beetlejuice, Ain’t Too Proud and Dear Evan Hansen.



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