Winning Graphic Designs by FAMU Students Featured in Target and JCPenney for Black History Month


When it comes to her award-winning designs, Ledgester sought to have her Target piece showcase black beauty in new ways, and she was inspired by Nine Simone’s cover of “Strange Fruit.”

“I want to capture us, but I want to show how dynamic we are with fruit,” she revealed. “Even though ‘Strange Fruit’ is about pain, hurt and how we got through it, it highlights the best thing we can do as black women, and that’s take that pain and move on. do something.”

“There are so many reasons why his artwork stood out,” said Tawnya Artistisst, director of multicultural product design and advancement at Target. “Her artwork was beautiful and so unique. Her use of color was cheerful and there was a clear story that engaged the judges. The more we learned about her thought process, the more we knew we were looking for a winning design.”

As for his JCPenney design, Ledgester focused on personal well-being and featured the phrases “Just Breathe” and “Remember to Exhale.”

“Kah’Milah’s design stood out because her design was a thoughtful execution of a way for an individual to improve her mental health. She responded to JCPenney’s ‘Young, Gifted and Black Design’ challenge from in a masterful way,” said Krystal, JCPenney’s senior designer. Ellis. “The graphic had beautiful line work, great color rendition and it was just outstanding.”

Commenting on her success, Ledgester thoughtfully said she was extremely grateful to have had the opportunity.

“You don’t want to look back and say you wish you had done something or tried harder. The fact that I can say I let go, designed something, and created something came to me at a time of loop. I got so much out of it — I’m just grateful,” she said.


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